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EBUKI: The Steppe Oven: Food without Wood

This forsaken device, an ingenious hybrid of mud oven and Roman hypocaust, comes to you from the Spanish castellan steppe to warm up your shared tasteful dinners using only mud and straw, as it was for centuries in its tree-free birth land. Stepped into in: that’s what ESTEPA Association did a decade ago, developing this model we are spreading around in three continents. Permanent equipment in public areas, community centres and schools, it stands in rural and urban Europe, Latin America and Africa, witnessing new applications and swallowing unexpected fuels.

We hope this itinerant workshop will combine intercultural sharing, technical training and building of public equipment. Languages (EN-FR-ES), ages and professions are mixed and trainees are encouraged to skip the script in a twin track participative learning. In plus, bringing this oven to life develop many earth building skills in a short time by using different techniques –adobe and rammed earth in this case. And then many hours of cooking remain ahead… So come and join us!

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