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Twilight Castle


Prices Between £16.00 to £20.00 Twilight Castle: Meet the Medieval Wise Woman Have you an ailment or an injury?

Why not visit Lincoln Castle this evening to find out what treatments would have been recommended by a Medieval Wise Woman!  Find out about some of the curious cures that would have been used.  This 30 minute presentation, provided by the Lincoln Castle Garrison, will be followed by light refreshments in Langton's café.

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Prices Between £16.00 to £20.00 Twilight Castle: Roman Lincoln For 400 years, between 60AD and 410AD, Lincoln was a Roman city.

First came the legions in the form of the famous ninth legion, and after the legions departed Lincoln became an important Colonia, it was one of the principal cities of Roman Britain.

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Prices Between £16.00 to £20.00 Twilight Castle: Victorian Prison Our Victorian Prison Group invite you to join them for an evening exploration of the Victorian Prison here at Lincoln Castle.

The Governor and his wife will greet you and introduce you to the prison, explaining its origins within the medieval walls. 

Light refreshments will be provided along with the chance to view the prison afterhours with members of the prison group present through-out the evening.   There will be opportunity to find out more about the prisoners who were held here within the Castle's walls.


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